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On Target Consumer Traffic

Innovative marketing solutions that are rich, dynamic, flexible & produce conversions.

SINCE 2004

GSB delivers "On-Target" consumer traffic by blending our wide data network with our innovative technologies and proprietary methodology. We provide consultative analytics and customer focused solutions. Licensing INTELLI-LINK and using it to identify and leverage intersections across both our proprietary subscriber data and our licensed data sources we are able to produce a quality dataset and design the marketing tools to delivery your message, to ensure it is received through the channel which produces the highest conversions. The results are improved identity resolution and greater insight into the social and business profile of the subscribers which will lead to an incrementally higher conversion rate.

Over 240+

Million Consumer Profiles

Multi-Source Data Refreshes
Over 120 billion compliant online & off-line data points from dynamically changing sources including:

  • Email Addresses
  • Cell Phone & Carrier
  • Date of Birth
  • Auto/VIN
  • Online Surveys & Loan Applications
  • Property/Mortgage
  • Voters
  • Other: Biker, Smokers, Veterans,+
  • Demographic, Psycho-graphic
  • Census & Econometric
On Target Consumer Traffic from Marketing Solutions with 240M+ Consumer Profiles via licensed Intelli-link Innovative Technology
On Target Consumer Traffic from Marketing Solutions with 240M+ Consumer Profiles via licensed Intelli-link Innovative Technology


Introducing INTELLI-LINK®️

Introducing INTELLI-LINK®️ Introducing INTELLI-LINK®️ We license INTELLI-LINK®️ to combat the Consumer Identity Crisis that faces today’s marketers. This crisis continues to evolve as identity attributes change more frequently, the Internet introduces new and diverse identity components, and consumers interact on-line with various degrees of anonymity on multiple devices – aka the Internet of Things (IoT).…

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Diverse Data Integration

Diverse Data Integration Diverse Data Integration Diverse Data Integration GSB filters and cleanses over 120 Billion Data Points using proprietary data quality and hygiene services. Our data is fully compliant and: Comes from a Variety of Sources: On-line, Off-Line, Digital and Transaction Represents a Wide Range of Interests: Consumer Finance, Health Care & Insurance, Auto…

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Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology Innovative Technology We complete a full rebuild of over 150 million fully compliant US consumer profiles each month by filtering the freshest data through stringent quality checks & innovative linking methodology. Over 1/3 of the GSB Consumer Profiles are multi-source verified and “Hard to Find” in traditional credit or consumer sources. We then…

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Custom Designs

Custom Designs Custom Designs GSB understands that no matter how much we do, each marketer’s needs are different. Hence, we have a consultative and analytic approach to understanding a client’s specific needs and to build solutions that deliver the greatest client-focused value. We also work closely with clients to identify data points that match their…

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Flexible Delivery

Flexible Delivery Flexible Delivery We know that our solutions generally feed our clients’ monthly marketing processes and our performance impacts overall effectiveness. That is why a focus on service levels, speed and responsiveness is integral to our culture. Finally, all clients have different technology and marketing execution platforms. So, we offer flexible options for licensing…

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