introducing intelli-link®️
Introducing INTELLI-LINK®️

Introducing INTELLI-LINK®️

We license INTELLI-LINK®️ to combat the Consumer Identity Crisis that faces today’s marketers. This crisis continues to evolve as identity attributes change more frequently, the Internet introduces new and diverse identity components, and consumers interact on-line with various degrees of anonymity on multiple devices – aka the Internet of Things (IoT).

INTELLI-LINK®️ addresses these challenges with innovative interrogation and linking technology. INTELLI-LINK®️ analyzes a consumer’s presence, frequency and recency across compliant data sources and channels. Understanding these intersections provides more reliable and deeper consumer insight for marketing plans – and – multi-source contact details enable consistent omni-channel cross media marketing. Early results have exceeded expectations from individualized messaging for social media marketers to enhanced geo-fencing, reachability & media mix for Big Box Retail. horizontal logo